My Blood Marrow Donation Experience


It didn’t hurt. Other than feeling achy a few days prior to the donation the biggest challenge was the overall time commitment needed to prepare. The actual donation for me involved getting connected to an apheresis machine that filters white blood cells out of your blood.

Why I Donated

Most of my family and friends who knew I was donating didn’t ask why, but I’ve read this is a common question.

Short answer. Why not?

Longer answer.  How often do you get a chance to potentially save a person’s life? The odds of you being a match are super low. Every day people pay money to enter the lottery in hopes of changing their own lives. If picked to donate, you could actually save someone else’s life. All that by simply giving away something your body will replenish.

My Experience

Actually donating marrow straight from a bone is the exception. Most donors, including myself, donate via apheresis, a process by which white blood cells are filtered out of your blood.
What You Can Do

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