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How to remove colons from field labels in Drupal 7

By default, Drupal appends a colon to the end of field labels.  If you would like to remove them and you are already using Display Suite to layout your content types, Display Suite Extras is a great option.

My Google searches resulted in countless recommendations to create a custom copy of the field.tpl.php template.  Editing templates is fine, but for this use case that seems a  bit heavy-handed.

Here are the steps:

  • Enable Display Suite Extras
  • Select  the “Enable Field Templates” checkbox at admin/structure/ds/list/extras

    Display Suite Extras configuration
    Configuration page for Display Suite Extras
  • On the same page set the “Default Field Template” to either “Minimal” or “Expert”
  • Now when you configure your field under “Manage Display” for the content type, you will see a “Hide label colon” option.

    Display Suite Extras field configuration
    Display Suite Extras field configuration page
  • Using the “Expert” template will provide even more options.





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