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  • Pinnacles BSA Overnight ‘21

    Pinnacles BSA Overnight ‘21

    The boys and I had an awesome overnight at Pinnacles National Park with the Scouts this weekend. It was our first camping trip with the troop and while we will pack better next time (ear plugs), it was a great success. Elliot even got to attend even though he’s got a few more years in […]

  • First time closing the rings

    First time closing the rings

    I switched to an Apple Watch this year and started taking walks in the afternoons. Tonight I noticed I was super close to closing all three rings for the first to time. Joining the boys on the trampoline did the trick 😎

  • Breakfast In Pacifica

    Breakfast In Pacifica

    Had breakfast at Soul Grind in Pacifica and then headed out to the beach to watch the surfers.

  • September Sky

    September Sky

    With the fire smoke clearing out of the Bay Area, it’s nice to see familiar skies again.

  • Elliot’s 8th Birthday

    Elliot’s 8th Birthday

    We had a “quiet” birthday celebration for Elliot this year. A mint/chocolate cake with strawberry frosting topped by Sunny from Wings of Fire, Great Uncle Ray continued the tradition of $1 for every year and an epic game of Ballon Ball in the living room. You know, normal stuff.

  • Dylan’s Arrow Of Light Bridging & Scout Rank

    Dylan’s Arrow Of Light Bridging & Scout Rank

    Tonight, Dylan’s Scout troop held the bridging ceremony the Cub Scouts would normally have done last spring if not for a global pandemic. As it was, he bridged and earned his Scout rank at the same time.