TinyMCE Disables Spellchecker

Problem: TinyMCE rich-text editor disables the operating system spellchecker when using Firefox or Chrome. Solution: Set the TinyMCE configuration "gecko_spellcheck" to TRUE. tinyMCE.init({ ... gecko_spellcheck : true }); In Drupal, you can override this setting by adding an alter function to a custom module. function MYMODULE_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter(&$settings, $context) { if ($context['profile']->editor == 'tinymce') { $settings['gecko_spellcheck'] = [...]

Drupal sessions table crashed

Problem:  Unable to log into a Drupal site.  Logging in with valid credentials would fail without any visible error in the UI. Solution: Repair the sessions table. When I exported the database using Sequel Pro, I got the following error: "Table './d6_eiper/sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired'.  I was able to do [...]